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About Us

We promise the most satisfactory installation solution through a customised setup. The visual (picture) quality of your TVs can very much be influenced by how classic they are connected, that’s when our expertise come into your aid. Sound projection and quality is not all about connecting up your newly bought precious system; this is why an installer rather a connecter is essential.  

We don’t invest in future clients but rather find more pleasure in pleasing all our old clients. We know the frustration of starring at a dead set knowing that you booked a service call that seems to be taking forever to come around if not uncertain at all, in an effort to finally rest your worries we are more than pleased to do an instant telephonic trouble shooting to anyone who dares give us a call FREE of charge.

So you are more than welcome to get in touch and speak directly to our technicians any time of the day.

Remember, in an effort to provide a speedy and more guaranteed DSTV service, all our bookings and queries are logged directly to the DSTV installation technicians.