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Our Services


We offer FREE advice on what system will work best for your Personal style and preference also making sure your setup and installation is future proof for any additional improvements you might want to do in the future.


Finally the solution for those remote squabbles. Be able to watch your live matches whilst everyone else is glued onto that fantastic movie in another room. In plain terms, watch two (2) different channels in different TV sets all in the same house. 


If you just changed your residential location or just want a new location for your entertainment appliances give us a ring and let us professionally disconnect and re install your DSTV, TV, home theater, etc, back exactly the way you like it done, if not better Still.


Space conservation, style, safety and general security are some of the reasons why wall mounting your flat panel TV can be best decisions you make for your TV after all. Just invite us over for a professional opinion and suggestion on how best you can enjoy your Audio/Visual entertainment better than ever before.


The reason why some of the units on your block, (flats, complex or any other rooms in your shared setup) is struggling to experience the desired quality picture or sound maybe the quality of the signal being sent the different points, Let us upgrade and improve both your Terrestrial (Aerial) or DSTV to every point on your network. We are the ultimate solution course we are the Communal system expects.


A home with a compromised or incomplete security is never at total liberty at all. Stop the hesitation, take full control and be on full lookout on whatever is going on in those corners, be it your business area, school premises and your home. Let us install and integrate high quality CCTV system for you. Just say your wish then leave it to us to rest your fears, and give you the answers.

Best of it all; use your Home TVS to monitor whatever is going on around behind the far and blind corners.

Now that’s ultimate vigilance and control in the palm of your hand.